ABS The Stone Male Genital Desensitiser No Colour

ABS The Stone Male Genital Desensitiser No Colour


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The Stone Desensitiser. The Stone Male Genital Desensitiser – Matchbook Pack. Last all night long with the Stone a clever herbal male desensitizer. This mysterious product is a herbal formula that will reduce sensation and help you combat premature ejaculation so you can enjoy passion that lasts all night long. Ingredients: Aloe Vera Clove Korean Ginseng and Cardamom Extracts. Directions: Mix the Stone with a small amount of water until the Stone turns white. Remove the Stone and allow to dry for future use. Rub solution over head of the penis. Wait 15 minutes and wash off. Warning: this product is transferable to partners and will cause irritation if not completely washed off after 15 minutes. Do not ingest Stone or solution. Not to be taken internally.””

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