b-Vibe Lubricant Applicator Set Black

b-Vibe Lubricant Applicator Set Black


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Keep things moving nicely with the b-Vibe Lubricant Applicator Set Black OS.

Anal play is a million times more fun when there’s lube involved. This set allows you and up to two other friends or lovers to ensure you are ready for all the anal games and fun you can imagine without making a mess or having to share.

These body safe applicators can be inserted up to 5 inches deep to get those hard to reach places.

  • 3-Pack Lube Applicator Set
  • Comfortable to Use
  • Feature a removable cap to prevent leaking
  • 100% Body-Safe
  • Includes how to use the Lube Applicator Set guide & the b-Vibe Guide to Anal Play
  • Comes with a discreet storage & drying bag

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