ElectraStim Flux Stimulator Black

ElectraStim Flux Stimulator Black


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ElectraStim Flux Stimulator Black OS where other dual output stimulators may have left you wanting more; flux delivers intense power and inventive but uncomplicated functionality without compromising on quality.

Features: dual output 99 intensity levels 6 play modes. 40+ options. Oled graphic display motion control modes (flick & tilt) sound control modes (microphone & line-in) rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (0-80% charge in under an hour) adhesive electro-pads included The perfect upgrade if you already own A lower powered e-stim box flux is also a versatile introduction to electro sex that promises a variety of uses and plenty of power to play with.

Bridging the gap between ‘starter’ Electro sex kits and top-of-the-line high-end units by giving you the best bits of both flux has been meticulously designed to be easy to use fast to master and compatible with all our electro sex accessories. Flux harnesses powerful outputs and award-winning technology to provide you with a simple to use but endlessly versatile stimulator for the e-stim purist. Utilising our hand held stimulator design flux is packed with innovative features that give you the tools to experiment with a vast array of scenarios.

Imagine a bondage scene with your sub; they’re tied and laid prone with accessories in place ready to bend to your every whim. A dismissive flick of your wrist while holding flux sends a sharp spike of intense stimulation their way; The sub’s body reacting with surprise at the sudden overwhelming pleasure. Or balance flux upon their body in tilt mode; The slightest movement will cause the stimulation to increase or decrease. The question is do they want to stay still or continue to wriggle? Flux also contains more than 10 pre-programmed wave/pulse patterns and utilises advanced audio-processing controls (stereo line-in and microphone modes) so your favourite music stereo-stim tracks or any other ambient noise (screams of pleasure?) can be used to control the stimulation in unique ways.

The bright clear OLED display not only matches the monochrome aesthetic but also gives you live readouts of your play mode intensity levels and battery gauge. With 99 intensity levels flux sits with the most powerful stimulator on the market and builds upon the decade long success of our own SensaVox unit to improve performance and usability for BDSM markets.

Twin outputs allow for a huge variety of accessory configurations while the high capacity rechargeable battery ensures lengthy play-time is a breeze (flux also charges from flat to 80% in under an hour).

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