Glas Joystick Clear Clear (8)”

Glas Joystick Clear Clear (8)”


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<p>Take your sex play to the next level with the joy of glass! The Joystick Clear Glass Dildo is a perfect toy for beginners; the spiralled end can be used for vaginal and clitoral stimulation and when you’re ready to explore the bulbous end can be used for both G-spot stimulation and anal play. With so many ways to play the Joystick is sure to become your new favourite pastime. The Joystick Clear Glass Dildo is fracture-resistant and hypoallergenic which makes it extremely safe to use. This toy is really hygienic and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. You can take the experience to the next level by introducing temperature play into the bedroom. The Joystick retains heat and cold for increased stimulation simply by submerging it into hot or cold water. For the optimal experience slather some lube on the Joystick it is compatible with all lubricants.</p> <p>&bull; Hand-blown artisan-crafted glass <br />&bull; Designed for penetration and clit stimulation<br />&bull; Spiralled end for stimulation<br />&bull; Bulbous end serves as handle<br />&bull; Durable design<br />&bull; Hypoallergenic <br />&bull; Fracture-resistant <br />&bull; Compatible with all lubricants <br />&bull; Non-porous &amp; hygienic<br />&bull; Easy to clean<br />&bull; Temperature responsive for sensory play<br />&bull; Lightweight easy insertion</p>

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