Glas Pure Indulgence Anal Slider Clear (8″)

Glas Pure Indulgence Anal Slider Clear (8″)


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<p>The natural curve and flared head of the beautiful Pure Indulgence Anal Slider creates the perfect conditions for deep P-spot penetration. Men looking to add excitement in the bedroom with mind-blowing orgasms will love the Pure Indulgence Anal Slider! Known as the male G-spot a man&rsquo;s prostate is the key to pleasure. The Pure Indulgence is perfectly angled to target the P-spot and features a bulbous tip that serves as a handle so that you&rsquo;re always in control. A little lube makes this toy incredibly slick and deep penetration will intensify orgasms exponentially. Glass is compatible with all lubes so you don&rsquo;t have to worry about choosing the wrong one. Fracture-resistant and hypoallergenic this toy can be easily cleaned. Turn up the heat in the bedroom or for a cool experience; submerge this toy in hot or cold water. It retains heat and cold for increased stimulation.</p> <p>&bull; Hand-blown artisan-crafted glass <br />&bull; Discrete design<br />&bull; Curved shape ideal for prostate stimulation<br />&bull; Durable design<br />&bull; Tapered tip for easy insertion<br />&bull; Hypoallergenic <br />&bull; Fracture-resistant <br />&bull; Compatible with all lubricants <br />&bull; Non-porous &amp; hygienic<br />&bull; Easy to clean<br />&bull; Temperature responsive for sensory play</p>?

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