Oxballs 360 Cockring and Ballsling Aubergine

Oxballs 360 Cockring and Ballsling Aubergine


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Oxballs 360 Cockring and Ballsling Aubergineis is the new two in one cockring and ballsling thatll beef up your meat and have you blowin load after load.

If youre a fan of Oxballs blubbery cockrings like HUNG or JUICY youre going love 360s super soft squishy design. The bottom has a thick rubbery base that rests under your ball sack to push your package away from your body.

Oxballs 360 Cockring and Ballsling is perfect for filling out a tight jockstrap or creating a mouthwatering bulge under your favourite skintight gear.

If youre into ballstretching or having your nuts handled the padded base doubles as a ballsing thats designed to push down on your sack for a sweet stretchin sensation.

  • Height: 3.25/ 8.26 cm
  • Outside Circumference: 9/ 22.86 cm
  • Inside Circumference (Stretches to fit you): 3.5/ 8.89 cm
  • Thickness: 1- 1.75/ 2.54 4.45 cm
  • Weight: 3.2 oz

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