Oxballs Pig-Hole FF Bluballs Blue

Oxballs Pig-Hole FF Bluballs Blue


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<p>For fans of the PIG-HOLE-5 who want an upgrade try our PIG-HOLE FF in the funky new bluball colourway.</p>
<p>The inside of PIG-HOLE FF is lined with raised ridges that help keep its shape and creates extra stimulation for the lucky top while the bottom experiences the extra fullness.</p>
<p>To use:</p>
<li>Lube the Pig Hole inside and out</li>
<li>Place a finger or a couple fingers inside the plug to the tip and insert like any other butt-plug</li>
<li>Clench your sphincter while gently withdrawing your fingers</li>
<p>Material: Pure Platinum Cure Silicone<br />Lube safe: water-base oil base water/silicone hybrid silicone lubes<br />Cleaning: detergent and hot water dishwasher or soak in bleach-water solution</p>
<p>Length: 5.75&rdquo;<br />Width: 2.75 &ndash; 3.5&rdquo;<br />Largest usable circumference: 12.5&rdquo;<br />Smallest usable circumference: 8.25&rdquo;<br />Inner hole opening: 6.25&rdquo;<br />Weight: 14.8 oz</p>
<p>Made in USA design copyright OXBALLS</p>

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