Pjur Original 100ml

Pjur Original 100ml


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Pjur Original 100ml silicone based lubricant is always an excellent choice when it comes to enhanced sensation and amplified partner pleasure. This lubricant increases sensation and adds comfort making every experience even more pleasurable.

Pjur Original has a neutral taste and no scent – it’s ideal for uninterrupted pleasure that both partners will love. This is a high quality lubricant that’s packed with skin compatible ingredients. It is free from preservatives and can also be used as a massage fluid thanks to it’s special formulation. Pjur Original leaves your skin feeling pampered smooth and hydrated. This silicone lubricant is also available in 30ml 250ml and 500ml. This lubricant is perfect for extended partner pleasure and lasts just as long as you do without the need for frequent reapplication.

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